THS35: Burning Desires with Richard Laver




Show Notes:

On today’s episode Richard Laver co-founder of Kate Farms shares his incredible story.

In 2011, Richard Laver and his wife Michelle set out on a mission to help their daughter Kate who was born with Cerebral Palsy and weighed only 16 pounds when she was four years old. Faced with feeding tubes and numerous hospital visits, he searched for a formula that offered better nutrition. After trying over 70 formulas, Richard eventually consulted a chef and registered dietician for guidance on creating a well-balanced meal in a bottle that would provide the nutrients and taste to help their daughter thrive. This is how Kate Farms was born.

Prior to co-founding Kate Farms with his wife, Michelle, Richard was a professional tennis player. Entrepreneurship (and athletics) run in Richard’s family as his grandfather owned a sporting goods store and his father built the famous Laver’s International Tennis Resort in Florida. Richard has taken systemic approach to solving a problem that affects the lives of many people while keeping Kate in at the heart of their mission along every step of the way.

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