THS25: Lessons Learned by hosting The Hustle Show with Christian Arriola




Show Notes:

Quote of the Day: “Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.” Napoleon Hill

To celebrate a huge milestone that is to reach 25 episodes I decided to host a very different episode and do a solo episode! On episode 25 I share with you the top 10 lessons I’ve learned from hosting The Hustle Show! This is a very fun episode, because you will hear all the struggles I had and all the times I messed up on recording or editing the first few episodes of the show.

I truly hope you enjoy this episode, because I pour all my heart into this one. If you do enjoy it, please shoot me an email or reach out on social media to let me know! Will love to hear your thoughts about this episode to know if I should make more solo episodes in the future.


Quote from Christian Arriola

“Is not that successful entrepreneurs are fearless, it’s just that they go all in even with their fears” -Christian Arriola



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