THS18: Believe in yourself and in your dreams with Mindie Barnett





Show Notes:

Quote of the Day: “Money without brains is always dangerous.” -Napoleon Hill


On this episode Mindie Barnett share the story of the journey building a massive PR agency.

After ten years working as a television news reporter and anchor within the Philadelphia, and New York regions – among other cities – Mindie Barnett decided to use her knowledge and experience in the media to help propel businesses and position companies as thought-leaders. Barnett founded MB and Associates in 2003 and swiftly garnered a great deal of clients in a short amount of time. Because of her vast knowledge of the news business and strong ties with key members of the media – both on the local and national levels – MB and Associates was able to achieve rapid results and obtain countless press opportunities for clients. Due to these attributes, Mindie Barnett is now one of the nation’s most sought-after and respected publicists…


Quote from Mindie Barnett

“Always believe in your dreams and in yourself, because if you don’t, no one is going to” -Mindie Barnett


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