THS15: A Soul to Your Company with Ryan McCarty





Show Notes:

Quote of the Day: “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” -Pablo Picasso


On this episode Ryan McCarty shares the journey of going from being a pastor to the Co-Founder & CEO of and author of “Build a Culture of Good”. Ryan and his business partner are nationally recognized for creating workplace cultures that encourage people to make an impact on their communities. They call this “bringing your soul to work,” and their programs have been featured in Forbes, Inc., FOX Business, People Magazine, Huffington Post and many more.

“Culture of Good” isn’t just a feel-good program—it drives real business results. However, running a for-profit business was a something new to Ryan. He had to learn everything on the go; how to create a re-sellable system and actually be ok with charging for their services.

Ryan is a true inspiration for anybody who have big dreams and fears, yet he still managed to go all-in even when times got though.


Quote from Ryan McCarty

“The good that we do is the ultimate thing that matters in life” -Ryan McCarty


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