THS10: Follow Passions, Not Money with Lindsay Adamson





Show Notes:

Join me on our first milestone of the 10th episode! With International speaker, success coach and author Lindsay Adamson from She shares with us why she quit her multiple 6-figure sales job, being a corporate celebrity in a Canadian corporation to go live the life of her dreams. Lindsay took a full year of no-earning-just-learning that got her to start her own coaching business, which is very uncommon to hear but I think is genius to do!

Lindsay not only figured out her passion and found a way to monetize it, she’s now teaching and guiding thousands of people to do the same.  This episode is full of inspirational value. Lindsay was only 2 years away to become a millionaire under 30 at the corporate sales job she had, yet she quit and threw the towel to follow her dreams and become the well known Lifestyle Millionaire!



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