THS 0: Why I Started The Hustle Show with Christian Arriola


Today, I’m writing you from the heart (And I will continue doing it moving forward on this Vlog).

This message is for all fellow entrepreneurs and wantpreneurs: a few days ago I had another amazing chat with my fiance about our future, and I had one of the biggest “aha” moments in my life…

Ironically, it came right after my amazing solo adventure to San Francisco, which was my original intention on making this trip.

I came to realize that we all have this stupid idea that entrepreneurship is glamorous, easy, private jets, fancy cars, and big houses… We’ve all seen the overnight success story of hundreds of entrepreneurs. It got to the point where we are seeing these stories in movies and Netflix shows!

Of course they’re pretty nice things to own, but they’re definitely not a necessity on your journey to true happiness.

I finally understood why some people say money is not happiness

I cant believe how blind I was! I can see it now, they were all right! I don’t care how much money you make, it WILL NEVER buy your REAL HAPPINESS.

True happiness comes from inner piece, loving yourself, and accepting every inch of you. This happiness is the one that drives you and motivates you to a new level of yourself.

However, even me after 19 years of entrepreneurship I still doubt of myself, I have good days, but I have many more horrible days. I feel stressed 23hrs a day, every day. Sometimes I can easily loose my motivation, focus, and sometimes I swear I feel ready to quit and get a regular job.

My “aha” moment

Which brings me back to my “aha” moment… Of course I’m not the first entrepreneur on this planet, neither will I be the last. But I thought: If I go through rough patches and have all these crazy emotions that spins my world around, I can’t be the only one suffering through this journey, Right?

After finally figuring out what I love doing and what makes me happy, I decided to start a new chapter in my journey. I think is time for me to share experiences and give back to MY entrepreneurial community. The best way to do it, is through starting my own Youtube Show: The Hustle Show.

On The Hustle Show I will feature passionate entrepreneurs, interview them and share all the hustle and hard moments they went through (or are still going through) on their journey to success. I want to use failures and struggle stories to change your mindset, to get you moving, to get your ASS to ACT on ideas, and to comprehend that entrepreneurship is as HARD as FUCK, yet is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

You are not alone in your journey, I’m here for you!

Maybe you already have a mentor and guidance on your journey, but I know how hard it is to find one when you’re starting out and when you need it the most.

Entrepreneurship is like going to the gym: if you try doing it on your own, you’ll loose hope, traction, and you won’t get to where you want. You need somebody to be pushing you against your will, to ask for 10 more even after you’re done, and to get you back on your feet on those difficult days.

My vision is to be able to help thousands of fellow entrepreneurs to not loose hope and not to quit, by getting you stories of real people that went through what you’re going through.

If this resonate to you or you have a hustle story to share, be my guest! And join this new movement: The Hustle Show.

Christian Arriola


Video Transcript:

Christian: ”If you’re born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it’s your mistake” – Bill Gates.


Hey hustlers, welcome to The Hustle Show episode zero. This is where it all goes down; this is the very first episode ever. My name is Christian Arriola, and I am the host of The Hustle Show where we are going to have amazing, real, no filter conversations with successful entrepreneurs and share their hustler stories with you, so that I can motivate you to take action whatever idea you have.


On this episode, we’re going to go over why I started The Hustler Show, what’s behind this super big project and who am I? Why am I on this mic right now? Why am I talking to you and why are you listening to me?


First of all let me thank you. Thank you so much for taking a few minutes off your day to listen to me, to listen to my message, to join our Hustle Show. I just want to say that I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be in front of you either you are watching this in our YouTube channel, or our podcast, I just want to begin saying thank you. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be in front of you and to share amazing hustling entrepreneurial stories.

So what is The Hustle Show about? The Hustle Show is going to be a YouTube and podcast show. Every Monday and Thursday, we’re going to be sharing amazing conversations with entrepreneurs, and we’re going to go over the things that really matter in entrepreneurship.


A lot of people will say ”well I started a business and you know I started this day, and all of a sudden I started selling two million dollars”. Well yeah, but what happened in the middle right? For me it’s more inspirational to hear the middle part, the nitty gritty, the whatever you want to call it. I want to hear all the struggles that you went through, I want to hear how you were able to overcome the emotional distress that an entrepreneur goes through because I am an entrepreneur and I’ve been through this emotional roller coaster where one day you feel on top of the world but the very next day you are about and ready to quit.


And because I keep hearing all this success stories, I started asking myself am I the only one that struggles? Am I the only one that did not have that overnight success? Because it’s taken me many years to learn, to master my craft, to keep on pushing and hustling, on social media all I see is all the Facebook ad experts selling courses; the three step to a million dollars or the 10K a month marketing agency in thirty days.


I’m seeing all this content out there that you know it is useful and I’m happy that people are putting it together and everything but I’m not seeing that push I’m not hearing those struggle stories that I really resonate with and because I want to share all those stories with you to show you that not only is entrepreneurship hard, but so that we can prepare you to what’s coming. If you’re even starting to think on how — on ways to quit your nine to five, or you’re already running a successful business but you’re still not where you want to be, whatever your situation is, I feel like you’re going to resonate with all the success stories that we’re going to be sharing.


We’re going to talk to inspirational and successful entrepreneurs about the struggles. You know all the stories that they had, all the stories that they went through. And the reason why I started the hustle show it’s actually pretty — it’s a funny story, so it all began with a chat that I had with my fiancé trying to find myself, trying to find a passion that I had, and for many years, I’ve been an entrepreneur and I’ve been starting different businesses in different industries but it’s always been going after the money and going after the trends and trying to find niches where I can make more money.


And every business decision that I’ve taken is based on income, is based on basically what’s going to sell better? How can I target, how can I market this better? You know it’s always been after generating more revenue and generating more income, which you know everybody is different. if that’s how you — if that makes you happy, go for it, be my guest I’m all for it, but in my case going after the money for me it was like running in circles because I wanted money and I would get it, but I wanted more so I would go get it and then I wanted more so I would go get it. It was all about that and not about my true happiness. It was not about a true passion that I had.


The show came right after I went to San Francisco by myself, driving from here; from El Paso Texas it’s actually a seventeen hour drive so it was a pretty long road trip, but while I was there I kept blogging you know, I was on my own out there and I just had my camera in my hand and I was just talking and giving inspiration to whoever was going to see the video. I didn’t even know if I was going to post them online or not but I still recorded them and you know I’ve never blogged before on a video or anything like that so it was scary, and even though it wasn’t live or anything was recorded, it was scary for me to put my thoughts and put myself out there because one of the biggest fears that we have is what is everybody going to think about me.


And that’s probably one of the things that has always stopped me to create something like this; like a show or a podcast or a You Tube channel. I have always been afraid of what is people going to think about me? So I never really gave it a thought. Not that I would say no, but I just never thought about it seriously, about starting a show or anything like that. And to be very honest with you, this is actually a retake. This is the second time I recorded this episode and let me tell you what, when I recorded it the first time, at the end I felt awesome you know I felt like I’ve nailed it, I felt like it was a really great way to share my story, you know what I’ve done.


So I started interviewing people and I started talking to them and I noticed that my skills on the microphone and on the camera improved. I mean we’re talking about in a few days it improved drastically okay? So when I was about to post episode zero which is what you’re listening or watching right now, I went like what is this? This is not worth your time, it’s not worth putting it out there and wasting your time to be honest with you.


I mean I felt good when I did it, that was my skill set when I begin recording this episode, but after we’ve done five interviews already at this very moment right now, it’s twelve at night so it’s midnight and I’m still here hustling, recording this video. Actually I’m at my green tea business where we have a physical store that’s why you’re in here watching this on our You Tube channel before you ever post any comments in our videos. Why do I have some green leaves on the background here behind me? It’s because this is my little studio for my green tea company or I would be making some YouTube videos on how to make teas and stuff and what was the best theme for the studio was to have leaves in the back.

This is actually how the front of the store looks so if you’re listening, I suggest you go and check out the video version of this episode of The and you’re going to see my weird looking background which is very unique and that’s why I had it for the green tea company. But because it’s already up there you know it’s already up and running. It’s like it’s just recording, we don’t need fancy studio with chairs or sofas or anything like that so that’s why you’re seeing this background.


Anyway so what are you going to expect from The Hustle Show? What you’re going to see is first of all, you’re going to see video experience in our YouTube channel and you’re going to be able to hear it in our audio experience podcast or your favourite podcast player and every episode is going to be a conversation with successful entrepreneurs both online and offline. Doesn’t matter how much money they make and it doesn’t matter what they do. I’m looking to share hustling stories of how they were able to struggle for whatever amount of time but yet they were still able to succeed and to do what they love with passion, and on top of that to be able to monetize and live off of it and just go full time on their dreams and build their empire and build whatever dream they had. And that’s exactly what The Hustle show is all about.


So now that you know what to expect from the hustle show and what it is going to be about and what you are going to be seeing and hearing from all this episode that we’re going to be working on, let me talk to you a little bit about myself.


My name is Christian Arriola and I was born and raised in Mexico and that is right across from El Paso Texas, I lived there for almost all my entire life until I moved to the U.S. for college. I came to El Paso Texas. It’s where I’ve been living for seven years now, and I did went [sic] into college, I graduated with a marketing degree and IT and I feel like I almost went to college just to make my parents happy because I never ever felt like I was learning anything. I’ve always had entrepreneurial tendencies.


Actually since I was eight years old I started selling ice sticks in front of my house. I would buy them for a nickel downtown Juarez and I would sell them for a dollar so I was probably make a couple hundred dollars when I was eight years old and I truly felt rich. I mean I think that was the first entrepreneurial moment that I felt that I had something in me that could learn how to monetize on products and how to resell and that was the ‘aha’ moment, the very first ‘aha’ moment I had in my life that turned that entrepreneurial switch on and that I can literally say that it changed my life because ever since that moment that I started selling those ice sticks, I literally tried to sell everything I can.


I’ve sold cell phones, computers, I even had a little mini cupcake shop on the go from farmer’s market and getting free bands and things like that and then move on to owning — to starting a digital web design and S E O firm where we were doing websites for other business owners and entrepreneurs, and then from there I started into e-commerce and started developing more skills as far as how to target, how to build amazing websites that would sell immediately to people, that would create instant trust on the customer. And so I had different e-commerce stores as well ranging anywhere from clothing, accessories, I even had one for a lingerie which was probably one of the most successful right until I started Lively Matcha which is my green tea company.


Lively Matcha started as an e-commerce store. My plan was to sell and distribute the green tea probably do some wholesale but that was the plan. So it wasn’t until August 2016 that I took that leap of faith and I actually quit my job, my full time job that I had at the moment to go and figure out on my own what the green tea was all about. I had this gut feeling that Lively Matcha could really take off and could build into something bigger. So I quit my job without any plans, without any money any savings. I probably had enough savings to survive for two months only. That was it, that’s all I had. My last day was on a Friday and on Monday morning I was already knocking on doors trying to get my green tea to coffee shops, restaurants, ice cream shops, anywhere I could get their hands on. Long story short, within two or three weeks, a crazy idea came into my mind. What if we open a physical store with the tea?


Of course you know it’s no brainer but like I said I had no funds now that I didn’t have a job I couldn’t even apply for a loan. So that’s when it got interesting up to this day I cannot explain how it happened, but all of a sudden all this opportunities started to open, I got the opportunity in a mall to lease a space, it’s actually a pretty big space that I had to cut down because we didn’t need that much space but I got the opportunity, I got the lease, I got approved.


So once I get approved it’s like well how am I going to fund this business? How am I going to build a physical store? You know building, getting the product, hiring boys…? How am I going to do all this if I had no money? So all of a sudden, I kid you not, within three days opportunities just started coming up. Different capital opportunities and within three days I raised $36,000 which I ended up using to build an amazing and incredible company that we started between my fiancé and I and we both run the company right now and thank God that we took that leap of faith and we doing pretty well here.


But like I said before there’s days that we do amazing, there’s days that we do horrible that we feel that we should be quitting or we feel that maybe we should just close the door and just go do something else and then the next day again you know we are killing it and we’re crushing and there is this uncertainty, this feeling, this emotional wreckness that I feel as an entrepreneur, that gave me that push to start this show and sharing my message and other entrepreneurial stories because I want you to see that entrepreneurship is not all glamorous, it’s not all about the big house or the big cars the money in the bank, it’s not all about that.


For me entrepreneurship is freedom to do whatever you want in your own terms and just be happy. Be as happy as you can be, enjoy your life as much as you can and basically just live every day as if it were your last because one thing I can say to you is what if you die tomorrow? What would you regret if you were to die tomorrow? Honestly, I want you to think about this question that I’m making you right now because you don’t know how much longer you have, I’m not being negative or anything but then one thing that we know for sure is that we all going to die so every morning when I wake up this is the very first thing that I think about; what if I die tomorrow?


Well I have to enjoy today, I got to do everything I need to do today so that I can lie in peace tomorrow and not have a single regret. Time flies guys, time flies and I don’t know how old you are, I don’t know what your situation is or anything like that I hopefully soon I can get to know you a little better but one thing I can tell you is that time is moving, you’re getting older and if you’re waiting for that perfect moment you’re waiting for that perfect idea, let me tell you it will never get here, it will never come.


There will never be the right moment to start a business, there will never be a right moment to quit your job and go entrepreneurship full time, there will never be that perfect idea that you think that is going to be a success, it’s never going to happen. You have to create your own opportunity, you have to create your own success you have to go out there hustle do everything you need to do to succeed. Just by watching and buying expensive courses and reading books and doing whatever thing you’re doing trying to figure out how to succeed? That’s not going to make you successful.


Success comes after working hard putting all the passion and all you’ve got putting it into work putting into monetizing your passion putting it into a business putting it into whatever you like to do that’s what success is all about. And it all comes down to how do you define success right? Because that’s reality.


Success for me is very different to what it looks for you. For example I’m doing this show right? I’m taking the leap of faith and even though I’m afraid and I’m scared and I’m putting myself out there I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, because I’ve never done anything like this, not even in TV, never interviewed anybody before, I’ve never blogged before, I’ve never written a blog post I’ve never done anything to put myself out there online as far as being the front of the image. Because in all my e-commerce stores I’ve always being behind the scenes nobody knows me, nobody knows who I am, I don’t talk to anybody and I’m just running the marketing behind the scenes.


But in this case, I’m talking to successful entrepreneurs, you’re watching me you’re hearing me. I’m basically the entire image of this show. So I’m definitely stepping out of my comfort zone … and I know I’m going to start getting some nasty e-mails and nasty comments, I don’t really care guys because I do love what I do, I really enjoy doing this and I really love doing this and that’s the number one reason why I started this because it makes me happy. And from this day forward, I’m going to do only things that are going to make me happy no matter what. It doesn’t matter how much money it makes, it doesn’t matter anything. The only thing that matters is that is going to make me happy and that I’m going to live my life on my own terms and that’s exactly what I’m doing here.


I wanted to get on camera, talk to other people, get to know other people, I want to share my story, share others story but my number one passion and the number one reason why I’m doing this show is because of you because it took courage for me to quit my job and it took everything I got to take that leap of faith. And it was nerve wracking, it was probably one of the hardest thing I’ve ever done but yet it’s been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever ever ever done in my life.


And if this is the feeling that I have right now and if you’re not happy with what you’re doing right now, I want to provide to you that support that you’re not alone. So if you have entrepreneurial tendencies even if you’re still employed, start that side hustle. Start your little business on the side on [sic] the evening, on the weekends, whatever it is, start it now. Okay? Don’t wait until next year that things get a little slower at work and you get a little bit more free time because I swear to you that day will never come so if I can reach one person with this show and change their life and inspire them to go after their dreams, go after their happiness and go after fulfilling their life? That’s going to make me as happy as it can be.


There is seriously no money you can give me that is going to make me as happy as motivating somebody to take action and to go towards your dreams and to go build their empire or whatever your dream is I’m going to be very honoured when you send that email to me and you say ”Hey Christian, I just quit my job and it was all thanks to you and The Hustle Show and thanks so much I’ll keep you posted”. I’m eagerly waiting to launch the show already so that I can start getting those emails.


Honestly that’s the one thing — that’s the only thing I’m looking for from this show; to motivate other people, to help them to get them through the struggles, to get them through the hustling and through all the craziness of business both online and offline and all this everything related to the hustle show is going to be posted in our website at the We’re going to have show notes, we’re going to have links to all our entrepreneurial guests, we’re going to have freebies, we’re going to start building free courses for you we’re going to start creating motivational content.


So both of our You Tube videos and our podcast episodes are going to be posted on our website so that’s going to be the best way for you to find them. And we’re also going to have our Hustler’s book club where you’re going to be able to join for free and just check out the best motivational entrepreneurial books, my favourite ones and whatever. And if you feel like we’re missing one make sure you do recommend for us. We’ll go over it and we’ll read it and will post what we think about it too.


Still the Hustle show is not only going to be a show it’s going to be an amazing and incredible and chipper new a community. We’re going to be able to share stories and I want you to see the real picture of entrepreneurship. I want you to believe in yourself and I want you to learn from other people’s mistakes. You’re going to know that whatever you’re going to do, is going to be hard, but you’re not alone. You know, you can always reach out to me you can always reach out to anybody that is going to be on the show and hopefully we are able to create a big enough community that everybody can support each other and that we can create that connection between everybody because that’s what I want.

I hope this inspires you to hit that subscribe button, and join the Hustle show community and you start listening to every episode that we will be starting to create. I already know the first — we’ve done the first five episodes already and they’re going to be amazing. I kid you not, they’re going to be amazing.


Amazing stories, amazing hustling stories just like I had in mind, just like the ones I was picturing it that I had to share with you how people get fired all the time and how they’re able to turn their lives around just by creating an online business or how by suffering from probably the most traumatic and the whole most horrible situation in your life that you can turn it around and turn it into a passion and turn it into a business. Those are the hustle stories that are priceless that will get you motivated and that will provide that emotional support that you need to take action.


So without further ado, thank you so much if you’re still listening to me and if you haven’t hit that stop button and you’re still with me here, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I’m very grateful that you gave me the opportunity to listen to me today and I hope you will continue to do and you will continue to give me the opportunity to listen to all our episodes both on our YouTube video experience and our audio podcast experience.


I truly hope that this is going to help you get to wherever you want to go and to motivate you to do whatever you want to do okay? Keep Hustling.


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